Guide to Set Up Cryptocurrency Exchange in Malaysia

Blockchain technology is part of the Fintech Industry embraced and welcome by the Malaysia Government. The deployment, research development of blockchain technologies as well as cryptocurrencies exchange business has been slowly opening up. Although blockchain is a new space, the growth has been encouraging with Malaysia Government liberalization approach to this new industry. It has been published in the local newspaper on April 5th, 2018, cryptocurrencies are the third largest assets holding (21%) besides the real estate (44%) and gold (33%) by the Malay community. Guide to set up Cryptocurrency exchange in Malaysia is meant for foreigners who prefer a convenient hassle free and fast set up for their quick expansion into Malaysia market before the door is close to the foreign entity. 

Guide to Set Up Crypto Exchange in Malaysia

Explore with us if you are interested to expand your cryptocurrency exchange business with a legit set up fully compliant entity. We provide a total turnkey solution to set up a Compliant Cryptocurrency Exchange to operate in Malaysia permitted to perform exchange business of Guide to Set Up Cryptocurrency Exchange in Malaysia

  • Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency
  • Fiat Currency to Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency to Fiat Currency

Registered and fully compliant with Malaysia relevant authorities including Central Bank, Inland Revenue Board, Security Commission, and other local authorities to legalize the Cryptocurrency Exchange to operate in Malaysia with ready company incorporated, compliance management system with complete guidance in accordance to the local regulatory frameworks. The setting up of the Malaysia Cryptocurrency Exchange will meet the local Malaysian regulatory requirements and compliance reporting, Know-Your-Client, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 (AMLA) manuals, KYC Compliance Policies, and Human Resources regulation system set. 

If you intend to target clients outside Malaysia, Labuan Crypto Exchange will be ideal for your set up. The corporate tax is much lower, only 3%! For more information, please click here!

Our complete solution comes with six(6) months’ hand-holding set up include the followings:

  • Complete guidance on the operation of the exchange in compliance with the regulatory frame and various statistical and financial reporting formats including annual compliance with Inland Revenue and other Malaysia authorities.
  • AMLA Manuals with Risk Mitigation and KYC system and other related operation manuals of the entity.
  • Bank account set up in Ringgit and in foreign currencies.
  • Human Resource advisory and guidance to set up a local team.
  • Local offices set up throughout Malaysia.
  • Advisory on local market accessibility and potential.

Malaysia Corporate Tax Rate:

Local company with paid-up capital not more than RM2.5 million, the corporate tax on net profit will be on first RM500,000: 17% and subsequent profit: 24%
Local company with paid-up capital more than RM2.5 million, the corporate tax will be 24%.

Approval Eligibility to Set Up Cryptocurrency Exchange Business in Malaysia

Initial due diligence required on the eligibility of Directors and Stakeholders to meet set up and compliance requirements for 100% foreign ownership and company structure. Approximate timeline for approval and set up: 1-2 months.

Send us your inquiry today or whatsup us at +6012 608 9809 to explore your eligibility and our total solutions pack to meet your objectives! We simplify your cryptocurrency exchange business investment in Malaysia!




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