Malaysia is Your Gateway To Asean-Single Market!

Malaysia is one of the best places that offer you a residency and business opportunities with the Asean Economic Community (AEC) of more than 630 million market potential with GDP worth of USD 2.3 trillion.

With the good infrastructure in place, it is able to support all your business needs at a reasonable cost! It is time now to tap into the rapid-growing, opportunity-ridden market of ASEAN!

Welcoming Foreigners to Invest in Malaysia! 

Starting a new journey of settling down in Malaysia can be overwhelming! There are many things you need to know and to consider carefully, especially if Malaysia is a completely foreign country to you.

Not only do you need to find potential business opportunities to invest in and the various types of visa offered, but you will also need to deal with these intricate issues that can get complicated with their own merits and compliance to consider.

Find out the best options for your intended business available to you in order to meet your objective in Malaysia. The option you decide to take will affect your eligibility for trade licenses and your work visa application with all relevant ministries of the Immigration Department, Trade Consumerism, Local Town Councils, Company Registration, Tax Department, etc for your trade.

Getting Started

A new business venture in Malaysia

Getting it Right the First Time!

It is important to get the first step right from day one, once you have made the decision to start a business in Malaysia. Doing it right from the beginning will help your renewal process go smoothly for all matters on your trade license, visa, taxation, etc., for the onward years.

At MalaysiaBizAdvisory, we act as your Independent Business Advisor providing services, which include complete peripheral support from incorporation, licensing, visa, accounting, tax including offering latest updates and advice on changes that may take place in various Governmental Departments which may affect you and your business. Acting as your liaison person to conduct due diligence, fact-finding, and negotiation, our goal is to assist in minimizing your investment risk to the lowest. With our expertise and experiences dealing with more than 60 different nationalities worldwide, our roles in business investment services are craved and dedicated only to foreigners, be it a pure investor or businessman who likes to start a business in Malaysia.

Questions That May Bother You When You Start Your Business in Malaysia!




Begin with the wrong step is costly! Especially for investment that is huge in amount and complex, good advice will help to minimize your risk.

Seek expert advice for a comprehensive advisory to implementation to secure your interest 100% be it local or international business set-up in Malaysia! Whatsup us today +6012 608 9809 for an appointment or drop an email at

We offer both local and international dealings structures and entities set up to meet your investment objectives in Malaysia. The best entity for foreigners is to own 100% of a Labuan International Company, a perfect match for cross-border business transactions with a low tax.

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Unsure which Entity You Should Own for Your Business in Malaysia?

It is common many foreigners do not know which is the right entity to own for their new business set up in Malaysia! Getting into the wrong entity not only expensive, but it also wastes time and cumbersome to get out. Check out for more information on the most common entities owned by foreigners in Malaysia and what is the difference between them!


There are many different types of business entities available in Malaysia, good to explore with us the best option to meet your goals in Malaysia! For foreigners, we recommend the best one will be 100% owned by you, this will give you peace of mind especially when your business grows rapidly with big transactions! Examples of some Malaysia business entities are Malaysian Sdn Bhd CompanyLabuan International Company, and Representative/Regional Office. 

Why Labuan International Company?

  • Foreign Ownership Secured!
  • Majority Businesses-No Need Trade License!
  • Lower risk and Set Up Cost!
  • Low Tax and Flexible!
  • No Personal Tax!
  • 2 years’ Work Permit is available!
  • Simple Compliance!
  • Fast Processing, all within 45- 60 days!

Under Labuan International company, not all sectors need not require any license to operate. Only 10 sectors required trade license: Banking  Money Broker  Insurance  Leasing  Wealth Management  Fund Management  Mutual Fund Factoring International Commodity Trading and Shipping.

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To start a local business in Malaysia of your own niche, the following services available to you:

  • Advising the best business entity suitable to your intend business foreigner, to meet your objective in Malaysia
  • Recommending the right trade licenses needed for your intended business
  • Getting the right visa for you and your family
  • Providing guidance on compliance on your accounting, audit, tax and secretarial matters, etc aligning with the various Government departments for your business and visa
  • Assisting in setting up your office plus getting business operations up and running 

Fact: Changes in various Ministries and Immigration are on-going without any notice! At MalaysiaBizAdvisory, we provide the latest,  prompt information for clients to plan ahead and act swiftly to enable all compliance is met to align ensuring your business and visa not affected by the changes for your permanent presence in Malaysia are valid for onward renewable.

Possible to start the Crypto Exchange business in Malaysia? Interested to expand your crypto exchange business in a crypto and blockchain business-friendly nation targeting the Malaysians market as well as using Malaysia as a hub for Asean transactions, huge opportunities await you! We offer total solutions in setting up a compliant Cryptocurrency Exchange for a local set up or Labuan that permits you as a foreigner to operate cryptocurrency exchange from fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat for legit cryptocurrencies business in Malaysia. We also assist in the local operations set up comply with various regulators, ministries and human resources deployment. Explore more in details here!
Labuan offers an easier gateway for Fintech and Blockchain entrepreneurs! Check out why foreigners prefer to set up Crypto Exchange, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and various vehicles to raise funds!

Some changes have taken place for Malaysian Sdn Bhd Company set-up, some with and others without announcement notice:

  • 100% foreign ownership for common businesses and services needed approval from Ministry of Consumerism and Domestic Trade
  • The number DP 10 work permit expatriates able to hire will depend on the evaluation of business growth, local staff hiring, corporate and renewal compliance
  • Bankers do not open account for cheque signatories without a valid visa under its own company
  • For the key position of shareholder/director to apply for the DP10 work permit, the minimum shares to own are RM500,000
  • Newly set-up Malaysian Sdn Bhd with no profile and transactions attract a high chance of rejection for the DP10 work permit application
  • High-Risk countries are likely to have their office inspection before approval of any work permits by the Immigration Department
  • Franchise businesses 100% foreign-owned need approval from Ministry of Consumerism and Domestic Trade
  • Tax compliance documents required for the expatriates for their renewal of DP10 work permit
  • Certain bankers completely ban the opening of company account of sanctions countries or nationalities deems “high risk”
  • Tourism Ticketing license is no longer applicable for 100% foreign-owned company

    Latest Major Problems Faced by Foreigners Setting-up Malaysian Sdn Bhd Company. Click here to know more!

Choosing between having a local Malaysia nominees or not, largely depends on the requirement of the nature of your business!

If one not careful on the appointment, the following 4 complications may arise:

  • All directors are required to sign company documents for the smallest changes, nominees do not turn up!
  • Nominees’ credit score over time is not good, this will affect the health of the company
  • Untraceable nominees will lead to unable to do compliance duty with the relevant Governmental Departments, that will cause penalties which is costly range from RM 2,000 onwards
  • Dispute to claims of the Company’s authority and shares

At all times, the best option is to own 100% of your company in Malaysia unless it is a real partnership or business that required local participation.

 [Check out Why Labuan Company 100% foreign ownership is popular among the foreigners!]

Unsure where to begin? Unsure if any Malaysia opportunities available to?

The fastest way to access the Malaysia market through the setting of your Representative or Regional Office! Hassle-free without the need to set up a Malaysia company…easy and cheap! These international companies initial step into Malaysia to have their presence in Malaysia via Representative/Regional Offices.

Representative/Regional office allows all foreign-based companies to have a presence in Malaysia for a minimum of 2 to 3 years together with their expatriates to explore business opportunities in Malaysia. In short, it gives you an opportunity with a “window period” to see if Malaysia is the right place for you to stay and start a business!

Advantages of having Representative/Regional Office approval:

  • Easy to qualify as long as your company (in your country) has been established for two years -simply using your profile and documentation!
  • Fast approval within 60 -75 days!
  • Eligible to apply while you are still in your country. With approval obtained, then you and your family to come to Malaysia
  • Save cost – no need to immediately set up a Malaysian Private Limited (Sdn Bhd) company
  • You will be entitled to do survey and fact-finding on business opportunities having the “window of 2 to 3 years” to see if Malaysia is the right place for your investment
  • You and your dependents (spouse and children of under age 21) will be entitled to 2 years’ Expatriate Work visa.

Staying in Malaysia + Visa Options:

Various residency visa options are available to you and your family to reside in Malaysia!
# Employment Visa via Labuan International Company 
Employment Visa via Malaysian Sdn Bhd
Employment Visa via Regional/Representative Office  
Malaysia My Second Home Visa

The benefits of having a residency visa are as follows:
• Easy travel in and out of Malaysia with a Multiple Entry Visa
• Undisrupted visits to Malaysia for business meetings and banking
• Ability to open a personal bank account in Malaysia in Malaysian ringgit or foreign currencies
• Children can study in international schools
• Can stay in most parts of Malaysia and West Malaysia
• Options to have bank financing for property or car purchase
• Option to include parents to stay with you in Malaysia

Call us at +6012 6089809 for an appointment to discuss your scenario and we can assist you to select the right visa option best suited for your profile. We provide full support on visa application including complete profiling and documentation with onward immigration support during your stay in Malaysia.


Corporate Company Services for Foreigners:

  • Corporate Governance Duties on Secretarial
  • Preparation and Yearly Audit Unsure of How To Set Up the Right Entity for Your Business? Send Us Your Enquiry Today!
  • Tax Filing and Submission
  • Accounting Books Keeping
  • Licensing Compliance and Renewal
  • Internal Re-Structuring of Directorship, Shareholders, and Capital
  • Opening Onshore and Offshore Bank Account
  • Bank Account Management
  • Business Center Services
  • Government Certification of Documents

Immigration Support Services and Advisory:

  • Onward renewal of visa for you and family
  • Transfer endorsement of Visa from old to new passport
  • New visa endorsement for the lost passport
  • Newborn child or Spouse Inclusion Application
  • Parent inclusion application
  • Termination of visa in the Immigration System
  • Transfer student visa to expatriate visa

The above list inexhaustible as you proceed with your daily business in Malaysia! Do contact us for any special service you may need from time to time. Since 2001, we specialize only serving foreigners, nothing is too difficult for us. We do our best to assist in any way we can, feel free to connect us anytime, anywhere!