Expatriate Work Visa DP10Expatriate Work Visa DP10

With effective of May 1st 2014, all Malaysian Sdn Bhd has to apply online thru www.imi.gov.my website for their applications for hiring expatriates. We are not able to assist and we encourage you to apply online. Basically, there are two ways where foreigners can obtain the 2 years’ Expatriate Work Visa DP10. He/She can either seek a job from any company in Malaysia who are willing to hire them or through the setting up of their own Malaysian Sdn Bhd Company. We do not offer service of finding jobs for the expatriates.

For newly set-up Malaysia Sdn Bhd company, it would be much harder to get APPROVAL from the Immigration Department for any expatriates, unless the Company able to get Recommendation Letters from Malaysia Governmental Agencies or the company has received special business contracts. 

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Expatriate Work Visa DP10 – The Approval Process

To approve expatriate work visa DP10 thru Malaysian Sdn Bhd, the Immigration Department of Malaysia may seek approval permission from the relevant bodies who sit on the Expatriate Work Visa DP10’s Approval Committee as follows:-

  • Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) for the financial, insurance and banking sectors
  • Tourism Ministry for all tourism-related business
  • Construction Industrial Development Board (CIDB) for the construction, engineering services and works
  • Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) for the manufacturing and its related services sectors 
  • Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) for the information technology sector, specifically companies that have been awarded Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Status 
  • Securities Commission (SC) for the securities, commodities and futures market 
  • Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp – BC) for the biotechnology and sciences industry
  • Ministry Education of Malaysia for the education businesses, international schools, colleges and universities
  • Malaysia Professional Golf Association – Jobs related to golfing
  • Equestrian  Association – Jobs related to equestrian sports
  • Aviation Ministry- Jobs relate to aviation including pilots
  • Malaysia Football Association – Footballers
  • Malaysia Sports Ministry- Sportsmen and coaches
  • Ministry of Health- Doctors, nurses and traditional medical specialists
  • Expatriate Committee (EC) for expatriate posts in sectors other than the above-mentioned sectors

For some instances, you may need to file in a formal application to the relevant authorities (depends on the governing agency of your nature of business) to obtain the “Support Letter” to hire expatriate in your company. This support letter is especially good to boost an application for the newly set-up Company. Find out what other documents required to apply for Expatriate Work Visa DP10, please click here!

Once you decided to apply for Expatriate Work Visa DP10 in MALAYSIA from your own company, we will guide you in details beginning from stage one of incorporating your company with the latest information, requirement, and procedure from the authorized bodies based on your nature of business. This is to ensure your business activities and clauses match to the requirement of relevant authority/bodies align with the proposed positions in your company to qualify a successful approval for Expatriate Work Visa (DP10) for you or your expatriates that you intend to hire.

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With effect from 1st Jan 2009, foreigners can incorporate with 100% foreign ownership with minimum RM500,000 (for advisory, consultancy business nature) and RM1 million paid-up capital for other types of businesses (import, export and trading). Every information, details in the company documents are absolutely vital to enable obtaining the final approval for your Expatriate Work Visa DP10.

The salary for the Expatriate Work Visa DP10 has to be a minimum monthly salary of RM5,000 (2 years visa) with the suitable position they applied for. Expatriate Work Visa DP10 visa is renewable every 2 years subject to the immigration ruling at the time of renewal.

There are two categories of positions the Company can apply:-
  • Key Position – for shareholders and directors
  • Management Position- for technical, specialists and managers
To further support the application, we provide :
  • To assist in prepare your Company profile
  • To proofread all content provided by you on your company information
  • To assist Expatriate to prepare Resume
  • Certification of Documents 
  • Translation of Documents to English 

Expatriate Work Visa DP10- After Approval Process

Once your Expatriate Work Visa DP10 is approved, we will proceed to the next stage to apply (DP11) to include your dependents in your DP10 work visa’s approval for endorsement of passports. Children under 21 can be accepted as dependent in this Expatriate Work Visa DP10 application.
The expatriate and their dependents with the approved entry visa (DP11) need to submit the application with the Malaysia High commission or consulates in their country prior enter to Malaysia. Once they are in Malaysia, their passports will be submitted to the Immigration Department for endorsement of the Expatriate DP10 work visa sticker and complete with the issuance of Expatriate ID cards for everyone.

The applications for DP10 and DP11 approval processing will take approximately 30 to 60 days. Good news! All spouses who hold the Expatriate Dependent Work Visa DP10 can be employed legally to work, find how to get one! 

Expatriate Work Visa DP10- Reasons for Rejection

The Expatriate Work Visa DP10 application can be rejected due to many reasons, some of them are:

1. The document preparation is not in order and complete with proper information and profile
2. For certain documents, it is recommended to file in “Malay Language”, not English
3. Your partner’s profile is blacklisted by Malaysia Government Agencies
4. The Companies Commission Malaysia listed the business nature wrong, which does not tie to your business clauses
5. The expatriate you intend to hire is profiled wrong due to the name of the position
6. There are certain positions that are allocated only for Malaysian to hire
7. The position offered is not justified/needed  in your company

For the application which has been rejected and you do not intend to appeal or wanted to stop the application, we highly recommend you file an official application to delete your data from the Immigration System. This is to avoid any complications for your future application for any visas type as your passport records in the Immigration Data System are linked to the Companies Commission Malaysia, all Immigration entry and exit points in Malaysia.

Feel free to contact us at +603-2181 2882 to set up your Malaysian Sdn Bhd for your DP10 Expatriate Work Visa. Unsure how’s what kind of entity or structure suits you, please furnish us information for better advise by clicking below button. Wesimplify your investment” in Malaysia.

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