Expatriate Work Visa DP10 – How Does Rejection System works?

Hiring an Expatriate Working in Malaysia Sdn Bhd Company

For Expatriate Work Visa DP10 application for Malaysian Sdn Bhd Company to hire expatriates to work. We only deal with companies who intend to apply for their expatriates. We also encourage the Company to provide complete documents to enhance the approval rating for the application processing to be smooth and fast without any hindrance! Any rejection received, the company is allowed to lodge for two appeals. After second rejection, the file will be handed over to Home Ministry for preview and the Company may appeal the case directly with the Home Ministry.

Expatriate Work Visa DP10 – The Documents Required

The documents to apply for Expatriate Work Visa DP10 will be as follows:-

  • Certified Company Documents- Memorandum and Articles ,Form 9,13,24,49 and 32A (if any)
  • Copy of Latest Company Search from Company Commission of Malaysia
  • Company Profile
  • Company Brochures, catalogues and name cards
  • Company Organization Structure
    Expatriate Work Visa DP10-Documents Required to Apply

    Malaysia Expatriate Work Visa DP10-Guide by MalaysiaBizAdvisory.com

  • Expatriate’s Function and Job List
  • Copy of Tenancy Agreement
  • Approved Trade Licenses from Other Governmental Agencies and Local Town Council
  • Approved Recommendation Letters from Other Governmental Agencies
  • Copy of Release Letter if Expatriate would like to change employer
  • Copy of Stamped Employment Contract
  • Passport copy of Expatriate
  • Expatriate’s Resume
  • Certified Highest Education Certificate (minimum Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Passport copy of Spouse and Dependents
  • Certified copy of Marriage Certificate
  • Certified copy of Children’s Birth Certificates
  • Color Photo (Passport size) for Expatriate and dependents

The Malaysia Immigration may request for more documents during the application process. There are many instances happened where Malaysia Immigration Department call the Company to verify the application or send their inspection team to investigate your office before approving your file. All approvals are solely at the Expatriate Committee’s discretion.

Expatriate Work Visa DP10 – After Approval Process

Our complete service will include the application for Entry Visa (DP11) for the expatriate and his family with ID cards, after your Expatriate Work Visa DP10’s approval is obtained. We will provide compliance guidance to the Company and Expatriate for onward renewal. 

Feel free to contact us at +603-2181 2882 or email: contact@malaysiabizadvisory.com  to find out the latest requirement or if your Company qualify to apply for Expatriate DP10 visa for your expatriates!