Advantages Registering Malaysia Labuan International Company

Own an International Company 100% in Malaysia complete with a work visa for you and family – all within 60-90 days! Find out how we can guide you to a cheaper form of registration, low-cost maintenance and lowest tax regime in Malaysia!

Labuan (Malaysia), is one of the few off-shore financial centers in Asia, has attracted many multi-national businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world by using Malaysia as the hub for their international business. One obvious key advantage of the center is the very attractive low tax regime. Labuan International Company is the simplest form in Malaysia, where foreigners can own 100%. Labuan is a”mid shore” jurisdiction that allows trading activities for both local and international trades!

Use Labuan International Company to tap into 630 million market potential of the ASEAN Economic Community and Malaysia market today!! 

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Advantages Registering Malaysia Labuan Company
Here is some keys point of attraction:

  • Incorporation of Labuan International Company can be 100% foreign-owned, without local Malaysia partner!
  • The paid-up capital of the Company can start as low as USD 1!
  • Labuan International Company can act as an Investment Holding Company for property, assets and wealth management!
  • Zero tax on Investment Holding Company structure!
  • Labuan International Company for your International Trading Business!
  • Yearly taxation on profit for Trading Company only 3%!
  • Labuan International Company is permissible to deal with local Malaysian businesses!
  • Simple structure only needs one Director and one Shareholder, both positions can be of the same person!
  • Incorporation is fast, often complete within 7 days, can be done while you are in your home country!
  • No Trade Licenses required for trading, e-commerce, import, export and consultancy businesses!
  • No Sales & Service Tax and GST for your sales transaction!
  • No Withholding Tax on Dividend, Interest, Management, Technical and Royalty fee!
  • Corporate bank account and a personal account can be opened anywhere in Malaysia in RM and in any other foreign currencies!
  • Allows you to receive your sales in your preferred foreign currency ie USD, Euro, etc!
  • The work visa is available to apply, right after the incorporation of the company!
  • The expatriate work visa is 2-years’multiple-entry and it is renewable!
  • Low company paid up capital min. USD 1 for the 2 years’ work visa application!
  • Low cost of setting up an office and residential address in Labuan!
  • Work visa application takes only about 60-90 days. After approval, expatriate fly in Malaysia to stamp visa!
  • Spouse and children (below age 21) can join as a dependent visa!
  • Parents can be included on a yearly renewable visa!
  • Work visa holders can reside anywhere in Labuan and West Malaysia!

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Check with us if you encounter these scenarios:

  • I am running an Internet Online business, unsure what type of set-up should I have to enjoy the full benefits of work visa and tax
  • I want to have 2 years’ work visa for myself and family fast, without much hassle
  • I want to have a 100% foreign owned business in Malaysia for international business as an importer, exporter, trading, and consultancy
  • My partners and I wish to have a valid visa for multiple entries while performing our International businesses in Malaysia
  • I want a business that allows me to trade in other currencies easily
  • I want a tax efficient company to maximize my profile
  • I want to have bank accounts in Malaysia under my company in Ringgit and other major foreign currencies solely under my control
  • I want to have a corporate brokerage company account where I can trade stock market worldwide
  • I want to set a general trading company without industry license.

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Be part of the International Business Community, join Malaysia’s most premier Labuan International Business and Financial Centre [] today to enjoy full advantages registering Malaysia Labuan Company! It is a perfect gateway to International Business using Malaysia as the hub for your business dealings! To-date, Labuan International Business and Financial Centre serving more than 13,000 companies which include 220 International Insurance Entities, 250 Foundations, 56 International Bankers, 50 International Commodity Trading Companies and 387 Leasing Companies!  

  Advantages Registering Malaysia Labuan CompanyAdvantages Registering Malaysia Labuan CompanyAdvantages Registering Malaysia Labuan Company

CP TRUST Co.Ltd (Trust License No LT0061) is our very own Trust company, licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authority for all Labuan entities formations and corporate services. CP TRUST has twoAdvantages Registering Malaysia Labuan Company offices situated in Kuala Lumpur and Labuan. For your greater convenience, we serve you @ Bangsar South vicinity!  For more info on our complete solutions on cross-border international dealing and wealth management, please visit  | | 

Do you know Labuan Jurisdiction has one of the best wealth management vehicle prefects for your wealth succession? Labuan Private Foundation, it is the only vehicle governs by Foundation Acts in Asia! Find out more..

Please be informed not all profiles are eligible to obtain successful company registration and 2 years’ work visa under Labuan International Company’s structure. To get approvals successfully, we need to perform due-diligence, background check and document profiling to ensure all in order to meet your objectives, please feel free to drop us an inquiry form or call us at +603-2783 9191 (Labuan Division) or whatsup us at +6012 608 9809 for an appointment to find out more!  We “simplify your business investment” in Malaysia.




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